Undertakers in Masaka, Uganda

Modern mortuary services — that will examine your lost loved one with the guidance of a pathologist — treat the body for preservation and shelter it in a cooled (0° C), secured, and isolated container until the funeral.

Mortuary services

Modern mortuary

Saying goodbye to a loved one is sad. Family and friends would like to say goodbye but often there is not enough time. Until now, the body had to be buried as soon as possible and as a result, family and friends who lived further away or abroad could not be present in time for the funeral. We solve this problem by embalming the body and keeping it refrigerated until the time of the funeral. We work in collaboration with Kitovu hospital in Masaka, Uganda.

We take great care in our work. Each body is given a unique code to avoid mistakes, and the identity of the person who brings or picks up the body will be checked. There is a security at the entrance of the morgue day and night. Our services include body embalming, emergency pick up from death scene, death certificates processing, death reports and assistance with burial arrangement through collaboration with our service providers,

A photo of the mortuary of Uganda mortuary services


After the death of your loved one, you take the body to our mortuary (intake). Here, the necessary administrative actions must first be performed. Then the body is washed and embalmed by our employees. It will then be placed in the cooled morgue.

Once you have organised the funeral, please return to us with clothes for the deceased and a coffin. We support you in dressing and placing the body in the chest. You then leave the morgue for the ceremony (outtake). Contact us to learn more.


Our rate consists of the following components:

  1. Intake including care and embalming of the body UGX 75000/=
  2. Cost per day that the body is in the morgue is UGX 30000/=, after 7 days UGX 38000/= (part of a day is charged as a full day)

If desired, we can also take care of the transport of the body of the deceased.

As our services are new, we understand that you might have further questions. Please don't hesitate to contact us!

Who are we?

We are respected, local Ugandans, Joseph and Andrew, supported by Dutch entrepreneurs who have extensive experience in the operation of mortuaries in Congo. Our Dutch partners have been coming to Uganda several times a year for 10 years and have set up various humanitarian projects. Contacts with (anatomist) pathologists from Makerene University have convinced us that there is also a need for modern morgues in Uganda. Our objective is to be part of this process.